Iowa Barn Lumber

Iowa Barn Lumber



 The next three pictures show black walnut slabs 2 1/2 ” thick and 22/29 ” at the widest point.These slabs are 12’8″ long and have a few hole defects that can be filled with epoxy with silver or gold embedded within the epoxy,makes a beautiful conversation piece.They are great for bar tops,counter tops,table tops or whatever as the grain is great.They have the raw edge with no bark as the trees have been cut for several years.A little sanding and they are ready for satin finish.I have several slabs cut at this time. Bill 641-891-731107-28-2013 Walnut Slabs for Bar Tables Counter Tops 00107-28-2013 Walnut Slabs for Bar Tables Counter Tops 00207-28-2013 Walnut Slabs for Bar Tables Counter Tops 003This Picture shows four walnut slabs two each 131/2inches wide and two each 16 inches wide x 2 inches thick  all at 28 foot long .These were supplied buy to make a bar top 49 inches wide x 28 feet long in a large metting hall in Texas. 641-891-7311 Bill01-08-2013 Walnut Slabs foe RoundtopThese pictures show the walnut slabs we cut from walnut logs we have preserved up to 5 years.Some we have are book matched.They are cut at 21/2″ thick and up to 20 ft long.The width depends on the diameter of the log that we have . Some are up to 30″ and we can cut them two at a time  if you want to make a wider table or counter top. We can leave the raw edge on the outside of both pieces or cut the edges square. Call Bill 641-891-7311

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