Iowa Barn Lumber

Iowa Barn Lumber



At Two Rivers Trading we offer a wide variety of fresh cut slabs.  Our slabs very in sizes and lengths.  We have many live edge slabs to choose from including Walnut, Cedar, Maple, and Pine.  Check out our picture below for just a few of our latest cuts.

 Walnut Slabs:



Cedar Slabs:




Maple Slabs:



Pine Slabs:



This is a 4 foot dia walnut tree I have to cut for very large slabs. Click picture for larger view.01-21-2013 Walnut Tree to Cut for Slabs 4 ft dia 00101-21-2013 Walnut Tree to Cut for Slabs 4 ft dia 002The next three pics show more very large walnut logs to cut into slabs for tables ,counters and bar tops . Bill 641-891-7311 BE SURE TO SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN!!!The next two pictures show walnut logs to cut into slabs.One is 21 feet long and 26/28 inches in diameter.The other one is 28/30 inches in diameter and 16 feet long.They will be pretty dry when cut.

The next two pictures show three more large walnut logs to cut into slabs 21/2 inches thick.We have a total of 22 walnut logs to cut soon.01-21-2013 Walnut Logs for slabs 002 01-21-2013 Walnut Logs for slabs 001

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