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The next three pictures show an antique eastlake house entrance door.The door is 311/2″x79’tall and at least 2″ thick.I think it is pine but have not checked for sure.Bill 641-891-7311

01-21-2013 Antique Eastlake Door 00101-21-2013 Antique Eastlake Door 00201-21-2013 Antique Eastlake Door 003This is a set of double doors from a store building in Milan Mo.I do not have the size at this time but I will get them soon. The next two pictures are 1850 store windows from Chelsea Iowa. I took these 6 over 6  out aprox 10 years ago and have not had them for sale.I can get the correct size. I have six of these and one 9 over 9 from the same building. Call Bill 641-891-7311 or email

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