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Iowa Barn Lumber



The next three pictures show six matching ceiling with the six fixtures.They are about 12/13 inches tall and are upside down on table.Very neat with no damage and no cracks.They hang fron a chain that can be shortened.The chain is about 3 feet long.It is very hard to find a set of six with this age.I am sure the are 1950s.I want $250.00 for this set plus shipping.Call me bill 641-891-7311    tworiversbarnlumber@gmail.comContact Bill 641-891-7311


This is 31/4×3/8″ natural beadboard.I have about 700/800 sq ft.

Tworivers Trading Co 641-891-7311

This is the same as above

This is 31/4″ x 3/8 thick white beadboard  5000/6000 sq ft


This pretty antique blue 5″ wide beadboard was taken out of an 1840 stone house.The beadboard was square nailed into place. I have aprox 400 square feet available as a lot. Bill 641-891-7311 Tworivers Trading Co

This blue beadboard is SOLD

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