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The next four pictures show 1650 square feet of barn flooring rough sawn 7 1/2″ wide x11/2″ thick x random length upto 16 feet long.This barn was built in 1840 and had horses ,then troctors on it for that long,lots of patina and wear. The boards had a spline on both sides to hold boards together,the spline 1/2″ x 1/2″ will have to be remade.I power washed this board to show the real beauty of old pine. This very special barn flooring will make beautiful tables,floors ,walls or ceilings in modern houses,cabins,horse stables or lofts at the cost of$3.00 per foot.Call Bill 641-891-7311 for more info.07-27-2013 Pine Barn Flooring 7 and half in x 1 and half thich 00307-27-2013 Pine Barn Flooring 7 and half in x 1 and half thich 00407-27-2013 Pine Barn Flooring 7 and half in x 1 and half thich 00107-27-2013 Pine Barn Flooring 7 and half in x 1 and half thich 002The next picture show 5 inch grainery boards x 3/4 thick. This picture shows the boards lightly sanded to get the dirt off.I have 567 aq ft on hand at this time. It will make a very pretty floor or ceiling ! 07-17-2013 Red Gray corn crib siding boards 004The next five  pics shows pine flooring using full 1″x12″ barn haymow flooring run thru a mill to tongue and groove it. This costs a little more but ends up real beautiful. Bill 641-891-7311  email at Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all pictures! Contact Bill 641-891-7311

This is 4 inch wide x 5/8 inch thick pine tongue & groove end matched flooring reclaimed from 11/2 ” thick cotton barn flooring from South Carolina.This flooring is shown without any finish.It is best to use Varathane on floors as it is somewhat harder than poly.We have 4000 square feet on hand today and will an other 75000 square feet soon.Call Bill 641-891-7311 Tworivers Trading Co

NOTE!! You can see a sample below of this flooring with stain and finish.


 The above shows the pine flooring reclaimed from the cotton warehouse floor.The flooring is great for cabins,show rooms, great rooms any time you need beauty this is it!!! The flooring is tongue and grooved plus end matched and over 100 years old.The reclaimed flooring is 5/8 in thick and 4″ wide and random length from 1′ to 7 feet long,also on the under side has a stress relief or glue joint.After layment, minor sanding will be needed.See a flooring specialist or contractor for underlayment in your area.The pine flooring will need to be acclamated for at least 30 to 45 days. The sample above shows on the left side has Minwax provential stain with three coats of polyurathane.The center of the sample shows Minwax golden oak stain.The right side of the sample has no stain with three coats of poly satin finish.Aprox 4000 sq ft available at this time and a lot more soon from Tworivers trading co. or call Bill at 641-891-7311 I am not always at the computer so it is best to call to get more info and prices.

This is the same as above



These two pictures are 5 inch tongue and grove plus end matched.The reclaimed pine flooring has the under side is relived for straightness plus glue joint.This material came from 75 year barn and grainery boards.Tworivers Trading Co  Bill 641-891-7311

 The next three pictures show the 3 1/4 ” wide pine/fir flooring x random length 3′ to 16′ long. This flooring came out of a  lodge building built in 1874.I have aprox 6000/8000 square feet on hand at this time .Call for more info. 04-21-2013 Pine flooring 3 inch 187404-18-2013 Pine Flooring 3 in 1874 00104-18-2013 Pine Flooring 3 in 1874 002

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