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Sawmill Cut

The next three pictures show the 2×12 pine joists x 6 to 22′ long. I show these that are washed and are very pretty to use as open loft joists or whatever your needs are.I have aprox 200 each 07-01-2013 Pine 2x12 Joists 00307-01-2013 Pine 2x12 Joists 001 07-01-2013 Pine 2x12 Joists 002This is pine 3x10x15 foot barn beams that came from an 1890/1900 barn.They are very strait and have 56 each.They could be prettier if they were power washed.Will make beautiful exposed joists for a loft.Also use rough sawed barn siding or haymow flooring above the beams .We also have this in stock and a lot,lot more ready to deliver.Contact  Bill 641-891-7311  All material supplied by Tworivers Trading Co  New Sharon Iowa




These are 2×10 and 2×12 pine barn floor joist and most in stock will be from 12 ft to 18 ft.


The above picture shows 2×6″ and more 2×12″ and will run 14 foot and longer

The next several pictures show the 1890s oak beams planed .The ceilings in this room are reclaimed quarter sawed douglas fir from bleacher seating boards

This is the same house with 1×12 barn

More beams and douglas fir ceilings.

more beams and ceiling


More beams showing the beautiful wood and stone house in New Braunful



Close up of the east side of the house.


This reclaimed 3 inch redwood barn siding used for ceilings in other rooms of the same house.


1860 Pine spleened  barn flooring


The next five pictures show a few of the 2x14x23/24 foot long pine sawmill cut joists from a building in Prinston Mo.I have about 100 each left out of 140 + or – a few.The jouists are really straight and are rough sawn.These will make a beautiful loft or in a party barn or whatever the need is .We also have a lot of 2x8x23/24 the same as above and 2x6x23/24 in stock at this time .Call Bill 641-891-7311 for pricing and photos of what your needs are.04-21-2013  pine 2x14 floor joist 00504-21-2013  pine 2x14 floor joist 001 04-21-2013  pine 2x14 floor joist 002 04-21-2013  pine 2x14 floor joist 003 04-21-2013  pine 2x14 floor joist 004 

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