Iowa Barn Lumber

Iowa Barn Lumber


Hand Hewn

We have a large supply of hand hewn beams in stock call for your sizes.Bill 641-891-7311

The following two pictures show some Oak hand hewn barn beams.Most are 7/8″ thick and 12″s or more wide and upto 28 feet long.The ends might show a little damage but all are is very great condition and are brown. Tworivers Trading Co  or best to call Bill 641-891-7311 as I am not always but the computer. The next eight pictures show some two sided (sleeper) hand hewn oak barn beams that are upto 18″ wide, all are 8″ thick. and 15/16 feet long.These came out of an 1865 barn in Southeast Iowa.These are great to build or repair log cabins or exposed beams in any type of structure.Tworivers Trading Co   For more info Call Bill 641-891-7311

This is an 8″x10″ hand hewn oak beam upto 30 foot long.


This is a 40 foot 9×9 hand hewn oak beam.


These are Oak hand hewn beams 9×9 and 10×10 upto 35feet long


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