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Iowa Barn Lumber


Barn Beams

Be sure to check out the hand hewn section to see clooseup of the hand hewn oak barn beams! 

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These hand hewn beams from 1800s barns are beautiful reclaimed and used in new buildings,houses and new barns.Please notice the 1×12 rough sawed barn flooring boards above the beams showed in all the pictures makes the most beautiful ceilings ever.We supply thousands of board feet of this every year.Most of Iowa beams are hand hewn oak 6×6,6×7,7×8,8×8,8×9,9×9 and 10×10.Some beams are upto 40 feet long.REMEMBER THAT WE DELIVER.                   

This picture is my son John and daughter Sandy.This shows how big some beams can be.

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