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Iowa Barn Lumber


Barn Tin

This picture shows the normal rusty galvanized tin that we get here in Iowa.Some will have no rust.The next two pictures show the small rib rusty galvanized barn tin.It lays two foot wide and 7,8,9,10,11,12 ft long.We have seneral hundred square feet on hand at this time.The next two pictures show tin shingles that lay 9″x12″. Nail one down ,slide the next one in place and nail it down.I have about 1500/2000 each on hand at this time.Most have this nice rusty patina. ALL OF THIS STILE OF TIN SHINGLES ARE SOLD OUT FOR NOW

We have many feet barn tin from near all galvanize to all rusty tin used for walls,ceilings and dividers or whatever.The size is 24″ wide and 7,8,9,10 and12 feetlong.The picture to the right is real fine rib. The 10 ft sheet will weight aprox 15 lbs. Contact Bill 641-891-7311

 The next four pictures show a grainery with tin shingles I have purchased this spring(2013) .They lay about 12″ x 15″. I will hsve aprox 800/1000 each when they come off.04-18-2013 Tin Shingles 00404-18-2013 Tin Shingles 00104-18-2013 Tin Shingles 00204-18-2013 Tin Shingles 003

The above picture is standing vee or Tennessee vee grove

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