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Iowa Barn Lumber



Barns that we have taken down or going to by Tworivers Trading Co   contact or call  Bill 641-891-7311


The next fie pictures show a large barn to come down early in febuary 2013. This barn has some hand hewn beams and great flooring. The siding is 1×12″ in and will have various lengths for a total of 3000/3500 sq ft siding.I think the sidewall is 16′ tall so will have some long boards all gray.The one wall on the inside of the leanto will have all white paint.01-21-2013 Barn Large What Cheer Rd Gray 00401-21-2013 Barn Large What Cheer Rd Gray 00301-21-2013 Barn Large What Cheer Rd Gray 00101-21-2013 Barn Large What Cheer Rd Gray 00201-21-2013 Barn Large What Cheer Rd Gray 005This picture shows a nest of Yellow Jackets in a barn.Some of the hazards of barn demos.This is a large spider that was in a barn.One of the hazards of Barn demoletion.The next four pictures show a small 20’x30′ barn.It has the best siding I have seen in a while.The total will only be maybe 800 lin feet of 1×12″.It is the lumberyard and ready to ship.I will get the exact amount when loaded.BillThe above Barn was built in about 1880 and had upto 19″ wide siding boards by 16′ long.The siding boards are rough sawed on the inside and was square nailed.Some of the siding boards were total black from something but we power washed a couple of the boards and I could not believe what I saw, it was beautiful! I have seen a lot of tobacco barns in the south the same color.The barn also had a few oak hand hewn beams in the basement upto 28′ long.The door rollers are great as we salvaged the upper doors,rollers and track. The lower door was not salvageable but the boards,rollers and track was. We also have the rusty tin in fine rib available in 8′ and 12′ length.

The above barn has 7″ tongue and groove gray with a little red still showing.I think we will get about 2400 square feet fom the barn and will sell as a lot.




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